I have Ksh320 million loans, Jamal responds after jilted wife exposes him

Jimal Marlow alias Jamal Roho Safi
Jimal Marlow alias Jamal Roho Safi. [Photo: Courtesy]

City businessman Jimal Marlow alias Jamal Roho Safi has such an exciting life making headlines on social media.

Jamal’s move to marry Amber Ray as a second wife triggered all the drama happening between him and his first wife Amira.

Amira was irked by Jamal’s decision to marry a second wife in secret, while Islam religion stipulates that he should let his first wife know of his plans to do so.

His family’s dirty laundry is the talk of social media ever since Amber Ray moved in with him.

Amira recently threw a shade at his husband while chatting with vlogger Edgar Obare.

She said that the businessman is not wealthy as people think. He survives on loans and debts to maintain his flashy lifestyle.

“He’s not even rich. He lives on loans na madeni ya watu,” she disclosed.

In a rejoinder, Jamal told Word Is that he is proud of who he is given he worked as a tout initially.

He opened up on having a Ksh320 million loan with different banking institutions. He says that he funds his business with the loans just like many other business people in the country.

“I will not lie, I take loans to finance my businesses. Every businessperson in this country that has a humble background, you have to take a loan to raise yourself to go higher,” he explained.

He added, “I owe Sh150 million in loans to a bank and another Sh80 million and another bank I owe Sh90 million. If you owe three banks that amount, then you have a good income to sustain those loans.

Jamal remarked that banks advance him loans because he can service them well.