I invested wisely during Tahidi High days, but I want to go to America – Mama Jimmy

Mama Jimmy
Wambui Njoroge alias Mama Jimmy. [Photo: Courtesy]

In the past few months, Kenyans were treated to sad tales of life gone south by several former Tahidi High show actors.

First, Omosh went public with his plight, then Mr Mwepesi, a pale shadow of his former self after wallowing in alcoholism and fighting depression.

But, Wamnui Njoroge, alias Mama Jimmy is another of Tahidi High’s success stories.

Speaking on Sunday to Hiram Maina alias Kamuhunjia on his YouTube channel, Mama Jimmy touched Kenyans with her wisdom to invest.

She sacrificed herself and invested in real estate. She is now eking a living from plots of land she is selling at Juja farm.

Mama Jimmy acknowledges that things have been problematic since Covid-19 struck in March 2020.

She had to make adjustments in her life and subdivide the land into plots she is selling.

“I had saved a little,” she says. “I am selling plots in Juja Farm. So, if you need a plot, 50 by 100, look for me.”

Besides acting, Mama Jimmy took a course in beauty, which she makes her some money once in a while.

She gets paid for her services once in a while, although there are no many events like there was before the Covid-19 pandemic struck.

The thespian says this is not a time for people to ask Kenyans for help because ‘everyone has a burden’.

Nonetheless, she feels her life is not complete without moving to the US for “greener pastures”.

For years now, she has tried in vain to get a visa to the US. But she has not given up.

“I have been looking for a visa to travel to America for a while then, come back. I want to work a little bit and come back,” she remarks.