‘I lacked fare’ daughter who disappeared 27 years ago says as she reunites with Murang’a family

Hannah Wangari
Hannah Wangari. [Photo: YouTube]

A family in Murang’a is still in shock following their daughter’s come back after 27 years.

Hannah Wangari left her parents’ home in Kamuiru, Kiharu Constituency, when she was only 15 years old. She went out in search of a housekeeper’s job and was never seen since then.

Wangari returned home a few days ago with her five kids. She is now 42 years old.

Her family was startled by her comeback, many not believing it was her since ‘she died and they buried her’.

She left home in 1994 and went to Limuru, where she was employed as a househelp. Soon after, she got married and started her family.

For 27 years, she never returned home, which she attributes to the ‘lack of fare’.

“I got a husband, had kids and settled down. But due to the hardships of raising children and lack of jobs, fare to come back home was a problem but I saved up and eventually came back,” she told Inooro TV.

Her mother Susan Nyambura recalls reports that her daughter died and was buried in Mucarage, Othaya, in Nyeri County in 2006.

Before then, Nyambura says she visited her alleged daughter in Mathari just before passing on and the burial held in Othaya.

“I really do not know what happened. We went to the hospital and found a very sick woman whom we thought was Wangari. I don’t know why were quick to believe that she was our daughter,” her mother explained.

Wangari still remembers her uncle’s home in Kiharu. She boarded a tuk-tuk and went there, much to the surprise of the family.

Her family is happy that their daughter is finally back home after 27 years.

Her aunt Lilian Muthoni said she is delighted and has seen “God do big things that no man can do.”