I left Germany after six months and made 500% income in Kenya – Alex Mwakideu

Alex Mwakideu
Alex Mwakideu. [Photo: Courtesy]

For Swahili radio lovers in the country, Alex Mwakideu is a household name. 

The Milele FM breakfast show host is marking his 17th year in the radio industry.

He has worked for Deutsche Welle (DW) in Germany, has worked for another UK international media outlet as a Swahili reported and also in Melbourne Australia.

Despite having an opportunity to work and live abroad, Mwakideu overlooked all that and came back home after a six-month stint in Germany.

He had been offered a great opportunity to live and work in Germany but Kenya was always his first love.

“Six months only and I was done. They offered me an opportunity to stay some more but I decided, let me go back to Kenya,” he tells Wode Maya, a Ghanaian YouTuber.

Mwakideu says that he had already realized that there were a lot of opportunities in Kenya to make more money than in Germany.

“There are so many opportunities in Kenya for you to grab and move on and make more money in Kenya that I used to make in Germany,” he says adding he makes 500% more of what he would be making in Germany.

“I can’t even think twice about it. If you call me today and tell me go to Germany and work I will tell you no straight on.”

Born in Mombasa, he loved acting and he ventured into it on a professional level until one day when a client requested a script and he did a great commercial script which gave him a platform in radio.

He started as a news presenter and quickly transitioned into a reputable name in the industry. 

When he came back from Germany, he was among the team that started Radio Maisha before moving out to Milele FM.

He is among the highest-paid radio personalities in the country.

He advised Kenyans in the diaspora to look out for what they love and turn it into a business back home.

“There is what you want out there and there is what we have in here. The only thing we need is to make it in life and you can make it in life here.

“I was in Germany for six more months and they offered me two years contract and three more years after that one and I said no because I want to come back home because there is money,” he advised