I lost Ksh150,000 that was in my car, Nakuru motorist assaulted by police says

Traffic Cop
A traffic cop going about his duties. [Photo: Nation]

Francis Koigo, a businessman based in Naivasha who was captured on camera being assaulted by several traffic cops along the Nairobi-Nakuru highway says he lost Ksh150,000 in the scuffle.

Koigo was over the Christmas weekend involved in a heated verbal exchange with a traffic cop who dented his car when he banged it with his swagger.

He explains that when he confronted the police officer, the other cops joined and assaulted him. In the process, Ksh150,000 which he had left in his pickup was stolen.

“I was forced to leave my vehicle on the roadside and Sh150,000 which I had stashed inside the pickup, went missing,” he said according to Daily Nation.

He recalled that he was on his way to Njoro for his aunt’s burial but he wanted to stop at Barnabas when the cop emerged appearing “stressed” and asked all motorists to drive on.

It is at this point that he hit his car with the swagger and he pulled over to the side and came out to protest. His phone’s camera filmed the damaged caused to the vehicle and this seemed to have irritated the cop.

“Before I could react, the officer hit my vehicle and as I stepped out to protest, he again banged the side of my vehicle and I got annoyed,” he explained.

He also defended himself against claims that he hit the police officer.

The businessman was taken to Mwariki Police Station and later to Nakuru. All this time, his car was abandoned by the roadside where the Ksh150,000 got lost.

A journalist based with KBC who filmed the nasty incident was also assaulted by the police.

Koigo sustained soft tissue injuries but insists that he will sue the cops for humiliating him and subjecting him to psychological torture.

A few days ago, the Inspector General of Police Hillary Mutyambai was trolled by Kenyans for defending the cops while it was evident that they used excessive force.

The Independent Police Oversight Authority (IPOA) in a statement said that it is investigating the incident.