I lost my teeth in freak accident, Sauti Sol’s Bien-Aime Baraza recounts

Bien-Aime Baraza of Sauti Sol. [Photo: Ghetto Radio]

Bien-Aime Baraza, the lead vocalist of Sauti Sol boyband has narrated how an accident left him without teeth.

In their weekly reality show, Sol Family, he recalled trying to cross the road in the company of his sister when a speeding car knocked him down within the CBD in 2007.

“I was with my sister; we were crossing the road in town when a car driving on the wrong side hit me. The car came and crushed my knees and I hit the windscreen with my face,” he recalled.

In a previous interview, he said that he was from the studio recording a song on post-election violence.

“We were from doing a song about the post-election violence. We were crossing the road at Tuskys Pioneer in town headed towards Kenya Railways. I saw a car speeding and my sister noted that the driver was reckless and was bound to hit a pedestrian,” he once said during an interview on Churchill Show.

He lost close to all his teeth in the accident and had to seek dentist’s help to replace them back which was not easy.

Today though, Bien jokes about the whole thing saying that his teeth are international

“That is why I have teeth from Germany. The Mercedes-Benz of teeth,” he jokes.

“When I look at it, it was a good moment. I got better teeth because the ones I had were bad na zilikua zinachoma, but look at me now.”

The accident happened three years after completing their secondary education.

He revealed that he was to fly to the United States for further studies while Savara, Chimano and Polycarp were to also fly abroad for further status.

“When we finished school in 2005, this was not gonna happen because I was meant to go to the States for school, Polycarp was to do actuarial science, Savara was to go to the States and study medicine,” Bien revealed.

But Bien’s accident brought them together and decided to venture into music. Today, they are a celebrated band who have withstood the test of time.