I slept with snakes for months, fed on corpses courtesy of Umoja pastor – Cecilia Wambui

Ceciclia Wambui
Cecilia Wambui. [Courtesy]

Before turning to the gospel, Cecilia Wambui had it all with vanity.

Wambui recently released a gospel song “We Niwe Ngai” but it was after confessing to her engagement with the underworld where she says she would make out with evil spirits.

In an interview with Hot 96, she confessed that she always traveled with the spirits anytime she would be asleep; she would attend burial and visit morgues where she fed on the dead flesh.

“We would go to a lot of burials during the day and visiting the mortuary was normal. I was already used to it,” she narrates.

Wambui, 26 says she was forced into the cult world and all she remembers is her being part of it all by eating dead meat and having intimate relationships with the spirits.

The mother of one casts aspersion on her church pastor in Umoja for dragging her into the underworld. It all started one day when she dreamt with the pastor making love to her and she told him so.

He would pray for her but the following day, she found herself making out with the pastor in the form of a snake.

“He is a pastor up to now and he is the one who cast the evil spell on me because the first few days I would go to church and tell him I am dreaming with you sleeping with me…the day he prays for me, I don’t dream with him but the following day, I dream proper with him and when I sleep with him, it is not the normal man’ I see his face but what I end up doing is sleeping with is a snake,” she recounts the horrifying ordeal.

How did she end up in that church? Wambui was referred by a friend after telling her that she is tired of having abortions and multiple marriages that never work.

Hers is a sad story that started at a tender age when she secured employment in Westlands as a house help but would end up sleeping with at least 100 rich men, procured five abortions and got married six times.

“I have aborted 5 pregnancies that I can remember. I have also slept with almost 100 men. I used to work as a house girl in Westlands and that is when I started dating men who had money and who drove big cars,” she recalls.

“I had really grown up in a poor family and was determined to make it in life. One of the men I was seeing bought me a car. He was even ready to marry me but his mother started bringing issues, he became violent and would beat me at every provocation,” she added in a separate interview with Radio Jambo a few days ago.

The beating caused her first miscarriage but stayed on for a year with him because he was the only man she loved despite sleeping with many others.

Wambui says she is now redeemed but it has been a big struggle for her to get rid of the spiritual snakes that lived inside her.

She says that all bad things in her life with the evil spirits began with the Umoja church and was the case for many other people who were going to that church. Some got divorced while others got fired from their good jobs.