I started cooking for bachelors and made my first million at 26 – Chepchikoni

Hodiah Chepchirchir alias Chepchikoni. [Photo: Courtesy]

She is famous in social circles due to her flavourful dishes, which earned her a huge following online.

Her name is Hodiah Chepchirchir alias Chepchikoni.

Today, she is the proprietor of Chepchikoni Eateries, creating a life’s passion in cooking.

Chepchirchir loves cooking. She started cooking as a hobby, and before long, she got orders to cook for bachelors.

“I come to your house, cook your meals for a whole week, label it for you so you just pick and warm,” she reveals.

She also popularized her cooking online, and this earned her a lot of customers. She saved up and opened her first eatery.

“I saved up and in 2019, I opened my first joint at Lumumba Drive,” she recalls. “And, there is one in an industrial area and one near USIU. I’m hoping to do 40 restaurants before I turn 40.”

Chepchirchir is now 28 and successfully running her three eateries.

In the next decade, she hopes to have expanded her business.

Her first million came at 26, and she is thankful that she made it so early in life.

When she looks back, she is happy that he created an empire from the initial Ksh50 she invested in cooking for her first client.

“I started my biashara with Sh50 after someone asked me to go and cook for him. God will either show us the path or the mountain top.
So it is upon you to know what to do,” she says.

All her eateries have a chef and a manager for smooth running. It is also a great selling point for investors.