I turned down a job offer by Radio Citizen – Mbusi

Mbusi Radio Jambo
Daniel Mwangi alias Mbusi of Radio Jambo. [Photo: YouTube]

Radio Jambo’s radio host Daniel Mwangi alias Mbusi has opened up on how he turned down a job offer by Radio Citizen.

He was at the time working at Ghetto Radio when the Royal Media Services-owned station saw his talent and reached out.

He met the management and discussed his contract, salary scale and other things.

Mbusi was now confused about what was the best thing to do.

“My friends advised me that the switch was suicidal as Ghetto Radio was the best station and it was considered my home,” he recalled on Friday during an interview with Kiss FM.

He had been hosted by Jalang’o.

Mbusi added that another group of his friends urged him to join the RMS family but he ultimately decided to stay at Ghetto Radio.

“Others told me to join Radio Citizen as it was the best decision to make then. I was confused. I sat down and meditated and declined to join the RMS station,” Mbusi said.

Months later, radio personality Shaffie Weru who was a Kiss FM presenter called and asked him to join Radio Africa Group.

He thought he was joining Kiss FM. Mbusi asked his popular Ghetto FM host Bonoko to join him nut he declined.

He switched to Radio Jambo with Liondee who he worked alongside at Ghetto Radio.

They host a popular reggae show Mbusii Na Lion Teke Teke from 3 pm to 7 pm.