I was against my wife going to Saudi Arabia but she ran away now she’s dead

Esther Wanjiku
Esther Wanjiku. [Photo: Courtesy]

Bernard Njenga was reluctant when his wife Esther Wanjiku told him in January 2019 that she was thinking of flying to Saudi Arabia for greener pastures.

As fate would have it, they disagreed on several issues and Wanjiku moved back to her parent’s house.

It is here that she made her mind to fly to Saudi Arabia. She left her kids in the care of her mother and never informed her husband. But she ended up dying in a foreign land.

“When I told her that I do not like that idea, we started having small issues and shortly she ran away and went back to her parent’s home. She carried the kids and went with them. I did not follow up with her immediately,” Njenga told Tuko in an interview.

Wanjiku died in February in Saudi but her family was informed in May.

Before this, Njenga sister, Milka communicated with Wanjiku.

She says she offered to pay her ticket back to Kenya just to have her back but she refused.

In February 2021, Wanjiku suddenly went quiet. Milka tried reaching out but she was unreachable.

“On February 28, I messaged her because she had stayed for weeks without talking to anyone. So on March 5, I called her boss and asked him where Esther is, but he said Esther was no longer working there. I called the agent, and he never picked, so I wrote him a message,” she recalled.

A week later, Wanjiku’s agent sent Milka a voice note telling her that her sister-in-law had returned to Kenya.

She followed up on the matter but ended up being blocked by the agent.

It was not until May that a Facebook post broke the bad news of her death asking her family to reach out.

Shortly after, she received a call from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs informing her of Wanjiku’s demise.