I’d have ended up with Wahu but Nameless happened, Big ted recalls

Wahu and Nameless
Celebrity couple Nameless with his wife Wahu. [Nairobi News]

David Mathenge alias Nameless and his wife a Kenya’s envied celebrity couple who have defied odds and remained together for over a decade.

It is not an easy thing for celebrities, most of whom have parted ways a few years after marriage.

For the Mathenge’s though, they are a perfect definition of a power couple.

While it has remained in the public domain that the two musical lovebirds met at the University of Nairobi, Wahu could have ended up in the hands of Big Ted and not Nameless.

In a teaser of their upcoming docu-series on Showmax titled “This Love” Big Ted – real name – Thomas Kwaka – narrates how he had a crush for Wahu but Nameless came along and thwarted everything.

He says that he was in the picture long before Nameless which takes them back to their days at the University of Nairobi.

“Watu walikuwa wanajua mimi ndio logic ya kuwa ‘Mr Wahu’,” Big Ted says in the teaser.

In the docu-series, Wahu and Nameless take their fans through their lives. They have been together for 23 years – 15 of which are as a married couple.

‘This Love’ is a creation of Eugen Mbugua. He has fought so hard to get the couple into buying his idea which at first did not sit very well with them.

Now, Wahu and Nameless want to share key lessons they have learned while together for more than two decades.

“We’ve been together for 23 years (and married for 15), and we’ve learnt a lot. We’ve gone through the ups and downs… you know how life is. That is what gave us the why, and we wanted to be authentic about this journey,” Nameless explains.

Wahu adds that the new show will give them a platform to talk about their musical journey together.

“The other thing that we want to do in this docu-reality series, even as we share our story, is to also share our 20-year journey of being musicians. We want viewers to pick a lesson from us (if you’re able to), and there’s no better avenue than this love,” Wahu says.