September 19, 2018

IEBC: Raila still in the race, he didn’t deliver fully filled Form 24A

Raila Odinga []

The National Super Alliance Presidential candidate Raila Odinga is still in the race for the Presidency on October 26, notes IEBC.

Despite his withdrawal from the race on Tuesday, the electoral commission maintained he is yet to submitted the official form to withdraw from the elections.

He is supposed to fill in Form 24A declaring his official withdrawal from the race.

Raila only sent IEBC a letter indicating he has withdrawn his candidacy from the race citing a variety of reasons among them alleged incapacity by the electoral commission to deliver credible polls.

However, in a statement on Tuesday, the IEBC noted according to the Star: “The commission cannot compel a candidate to participate in an election and the law allows a candidate to withdraw their candidature by delivering a duly filled form 24A.”

Further, “Raila and his running mate [Kalonzo Musyoka] sent a letter indicating they had decided to withdraw … they however have not submitted the form.”

Earlier, political analyst Prof Mutahi Ngunyi had said in a tweet that Raila had not in any way withdrawn from the race because he did not fill Form 24A.

“Raila did not withdraw. It was a sick joke. He did not sign for 24A. [He] had to wait for Aukot ruling before signing 24A. Raila is in the race!” tweeted Ngunyi.

IEBC also announced that all eight candidates in the August 8 polls will be on the ballot for the repeat polls.

The commission arrived at the decision after the High Court on Wednesday ruled that Thirdway Alliance Presidential candidate Dr Ekuru Aukot should be in the ballot for the repeat poll.

“Since all the candidates who participated in the last election were entitled to run in the presidential election, the commission will comply with the direction to include the names of other candidates,” added the commission in a statement.

So far, Prof Michael Wainaina (independent), Japeth Kaluyu (independent) and Alliance for Real Change Presidential candidate Abduba Dida have expressed willingness to participate in the repeat polls.





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