IEBC sets the date to announce President-elect and way forward in postponed elections

The IEBC announced on Sunday that the results for October 26th presidential repeat elections will be announced on Monday.

The commission will also, on the same day, report whether postponed elections in the remaining 25 constituencies will take place.

IEBC vice-chairperson Consolata Nkatha said the commission has received results from the six constituencies that were remaining, and that the commissioners will work through the night ensuring verification and tallying of all the results received is completed by Monday Morning.

“We have received results from six constituencies now and we will be in a position to announce the final results tomorrow morning.” Ms. Nkatha said.

”We will also make an announcement on whether we will conduct elections in the 25 constituencies where election was postponed or not,”

The IEBC chairman Mr. Wafula Chebukati said the commission had verified results from 259 of the 265 constituencies, plus parts of the diaspora where the election took place.

In his press briefing, the IEBC chairman said, 7,447,014 people voted on October 26th, representing a turn-out of 43.04 percent.

“I want to assure you that what we are doing here, as chairman and commissioners, we are satisfied that the process is being done properly, in a free and fair environment. I expressed my concerns on the process, I had my questions and most the concerns I expressed were answered,” said Chebukati.

The Elections Act allows the IEBC to announce the winner of an election if votes from the remaining regions would not make a significant difference in the final tally.

Section 55B (3) of the Elections Act states that “Notwithstanding the provisions of this section, the commission may, if satisfied that the result of the elections will not be affected by voting in the area in respect of which substituted dates have been appointed, direct that a return of the elections be made.”

The IEBC says the commission has seen robust improvement in the whole process. For instance, a returning officer from Molo had delivered a photocopy of Form 34A to the national tallying center at Bomas of Kenya.

The RO had forgotten the original form in a photocopying machine in Molo and had to travel six hours back to collect it since the IEBC is not accepting duplicates.