If you can’t pay for services of my school leave, Brookhouse parents told by school owner

Brookhouse International School. [Photo courtesy]

“If you cannot afford to pay for services of my school, you have options; leave,” Brookhouse School parents have been told.

This follows a move by parents whose children school at Brookhouse to move to court citing “exploitation” seeking orders to cushion them against paying full term school fees as directed by the administration of the international school.

The parents objected to the directive saying that the school should be considerate at this time when the country is wading through the COVID-19 pandemic.

In a fiery letter sent by the school’s proprietor to the parents following the case, he told the parents off saying he is not ready to “make losses”.

“There is no way I am going to run a loss-making venture,” said the owner adding “I would rather have 40 percent of the school population paying 100 percent of the tuition than have 100 percent of the population paying 40 percent of tuition.”

He added that Kenyan parents’ demands are unreasonable and he will not bow down.

“We gave you a distress fund which has little uptake because you are too embarrassed to take up a distress fund. Your demands are unreasonable and if you cannot afford to pay for services of my school, you have options; LEAVE.”

In court proceedings, the parents through their lawyer Ahmednasir Abdullahi argued that the school’s assessment of Cambridge International examination board has cancelled IGSCE exams and resolved to grade students based on mock exams.

Therefore, they protested the fact that they are being charged for exams which have since been cancelled.

Further, they held that the other schools offering the same curriculum have advanced discounts to parents in fee payments but Brookhouse Schools is yet to give them this reprieve.

Brookhouse International school is a 25 million dollar investment which is a premium brand in the face of education offering an international curriculum.