I’m no husband snatcher, ‘wananikatia nakubali’, – Cate Waruguru

Cate Waruguru with Peter Waweru. [Photo: Courtesy]

I am no husband snatcher, Laikipia Woman Representative Catherine Waruguru has hit back at critics.

Ina recent interview with a local media house, Waruguru said spoke of circumstances surrounding her engagement with businessman Peter Waweru.

Warurugu said that she does not chase married men; they chase her which was the case with Waweru and she accepted his advances.

“I am not a husband snatcher, mimi hukatiwa, sikatianangi. I am chased,” she stated.

She told her critics to find out why men are after her because she is not an idle woman.

“Please ask your men why they chase after me. Am not a husband snatcher, because when you say you were snatched you look like you were some idle person who was walking on the street not knowing what you were doing and you were pickpocketed,” Waruguru argued.

Her advice to women lashing out at her was to do what they need to do to keep their husbands.

She also opened up saying that her new husband has been a childhood friend and she is not ashamed of their relationship.

“Peter waweru is not new to me, he is my childhood friend. Alinikatia na nikakubali, he is my man, mali safi, so mzoee mtaa. I will take good care of him.”

A few weeks ago, Warurguru hit the headlines after being accused of trying to evict Waweru’s first wife from their Bamburi house in Mombasa.

Zipporah Njoki, had been married to Waweru for 10 years and bore him three kids.

Waweru has since said that he is divorcing his first wife and is comfortable with Waruguru as his second wife.