I’m not dead! Actress Njambi says after NTV used her photo in murder story

Njambi Gachomba
Njambi Gachomba. [Photo: Courtesy]

I am not dead, actress Njeri Gachomba popularly known as Njambi of the famous TV show The Real House helps Of Kawangware says.

This follows an incident where NTV used her image while reporting the death of a young girl in Moi’s Bridge.

She assured her fans via her Instagram page that she was not dead.

“Guys…. Am inthe house, am well and kicking…. Thank you for the concern… @ntvkenya just used the wrong photo,” she said.

She said that she does not know where Moi’s Bridge is.

“Kuna mtu tu ameamua tu nikuwe kwa prime-time liwe liwalo….. Infact ata sijui hii Moi bridge iko wapi. Am well, thank you.”

In March, she confessed to cheating on her first husband with three men out of frustration.

Speaking to Massawe Japan during her show on Radio Jambo, Njambi recounted a horrendous first marriage to a man he regarded as abusive and irresponsible.

Njambi recalled getting married while still young, and her ex-husband was a party machine who would return home after a week and fight a lot.

“I think we were a bit young and that made us not respect each other. We fought a lot. The man I was dating was partying a lot, like he would leave the house on Monday and come back after a week,” she recalled.

Besides being abusive, Njambi claimed that the man was also a cheat, and he drove her to cheat as well with three men.

“He did not respect me, he cheated on me and so I decided to also cheat on him with three men,” she shyly said with a chuckle.
Njambi held on to her marriage religiously, hoping the man would change, but it ended in a near-death experience, and she gave in.

On the day she left his house, the man assaulted her to the extent she was bleeding on the head.

“I was bleeding from the head and that is the day I packed my things and left.”

Though she has moved on with another man, she is still haunted by the experienced she went through in her first marriage.

Known for her cunningness in acting, Njambi in 2019 made headlines after going public with claims that her new husband was cheating on her.

She said that this woman had been texting her husband and is sure that she was sleeping with her man.

“I am one of the crazy women who acts before thinking. Although we solved the issue, I still do not trust him. Instincts always tell me he is cheating,” she said.