Invitation To Join Safari Boston Golf Club

By Tony Ngari

April 29th 2017, marks the unofficial kick-off of SBGC’s golf league.

Our golf League program is a full-featured program that is straight-forward, easy, friendly , offers golfers of all ages and skill levels a chance to kick back and hit the course each week for a recreational round with other players and once a month for a featured tournament.

For anyone who’s ever thought about joining golf league but hesitated for fear of embarrassing yourself, this post is for you. For anyone who’s looking for a little more structure in their golf life beyond just hitting range balls on weeknights, this post is also for you.

Playing golf offers many benefits – exercise, self-challenge and increased confidence are a few. But perhaps the best thing about golf is the social aspect. Golf is a social event. Playing with Safari Boston Golf Club just adds a little more personal interaction to the experience, and that’s just another reason why golf is the best game.

Think about it, golf is a game that is played over an expanse of time at a casual pace, most times involves drinking alcohol and includes conversations on everything from swing tips to the story behind the new club head cover. What’s not to love about that?

Typically featuring weekly outings, Safari Boston Golf league can do wonders for those who want to develop a deeper bond with a set of fellow linksters. And for those who want a little more competition, signing up for Safari Boston Golf Club league can make every shot a little more meaningful.

Ten Reasons to Join Safari Boston Golf Club League

1. In essence, our golf league is an effective way to play more golf, meet new people – who by the way also love golf as much as you do and add more laughter and/or drama to what would otherwise be just another round. One of the best things about golf is the camaraderie that you build with the people you play with. It’s the conversation and friendly banter that takes place between shots and during the celebratory after-round drinks.

2. Playing with SBGC will put you into contact with other diaspora & local golfers, making it easy to develop potential partners for more excursions on and off the course, and maybe even make new, lifelong friends.

3. SBGC will make you actually get out and play an actual round with a structured format, which is better practice for your game than just spending an hour on the range because it adds more meaning to the game.

4. The cost is typically based on how many events you choose to play, so in other words, you pay as you go.

5. Our formats vary from course to course. Sometimes we are instructional, featuring both lessons and stroke play events. Sometimes we are geared toward beginners, women, inter-club competitions or working professionals and others are more competitive, so you can select the best format for your game.

6. We have a program that offers monthly league events in most of Massachusetts cities.

7. Improve your game – since no one’s really there for tournament competition in our weekly outings, you can work on your game in a low-key and friendly environment to get yourself into a tournament ready form for our monthly tournaments.

8. Have fun – you deserve an outlet to shake off the stress of the work week and family demands.

9. SBGC league is an easy way for you to play golf on a weekly basis without spending an arm and a leg (plus win great prizes!).

10. We use the official USGA handicaps & Gamebook App systems, with an index value for each player and the program automatically calculates course handicaps for the course being played. Index values are saved in the Gamebook App so you would only have to enter them when they change.

Why not join Safari Boston Golf Club league today and truly enjoy this 2017 golf season to the max.

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By Tony Ngari

President / Commissioner Safari Boston Golf Club.