Is Uhuru’s daughter, Ngina Kenyatta joining politics? Netizens speculate

Gatundu North MP Moses Kuria with Ngina Kenyatta. [courtesy]

Speculations are rife on whether President Uhuru Kenyatta’s only daughter, Ngina Kenyatta is preparing to join politics.

The speculations come after Ngina accompanied Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria to an event in his constituency early this week where presented to Kiambu County Uwezo Fund beneficiaries.

The online community, popularly known as “netizens” widely speculated that Ngina was learning the ropes of politics.

“Politics runs in Kenyatta’s family. Ngina has just made her first step on this journey and it’s a matter of time before she dives into actives politics, perhaps before 2022,” Cathy Monic said.

“The handwriting is on the wall. For those who are perceptive, at least you should now know that Kenyatta dynasty will continue even after Urezo retires in 2022, “Mike Kimeto said.

However, others said that she may have been at the event without any though of joining politics.

“Why speculate? She may been there for some other reason and not joining politics at all,” Surmeed Tundu said.

“Ngina could have been at the event on account that she is a Kiambu native and because she supports different initiatives in the community. Stop reading too much on this thing please!” Mwaniki Njue retorted.