April 19, 2018

It’s Ugali time as maize flour Price falls from sh.150 to Sh. 90

BY Jamhuri News Reporter

There’s a lot of reprieve in Kenyans as the price of maize flour drops from Sh. 150 to Sh. 90 for a pack of 2kg.

Willy Bett, the CS for Agriculture confirmed that the government has entered into a subsidy program, partnering with importers and millers.

A bag of maize will cost the government Sh. 2,300 for the 90kg bag and a packet of 1kg will retail at  Sh.47. The government has assured Kenyans that the prices will take effect on May 17 until the harvest season.

The CS added that the new price has been subsidized by the government from the original price of 3,600 per 90kg bag.

“The government will inject not more than Sh6 billion into the subsidized program to cushion farmers against the high cost of living,” he said.

Agriculture PS Richard Lesiyampe also said that the government has a stock of 980,000 bags that will last until the end of May. By the end of July, the government plans to import 5 million bags of maize.

“We expect to import 2.9 million bags of maize in June and 1.2 million in July,” Lesiyampe said.

The first consignment of maize from Mexico arrived in the country last week, and it was met with a lot of controversies as opposition leaders accused the government of colluding ith importers and millers for individual financial gains.

The second consignment is expected to dock at the Port of Mombasa in three weeks.



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