Jalang’o pledges Ksh1 million for struggling ex-Tahidi High actor Omosh

Former Tahidi High Actor Omosh. [Photo: Courtesy]

Former Tahidi High actor Kamau Kinuthia alias Omosh has been rescued from squalor by comedian and radio personality Felix Odiwour alias Jalang’o.

Jalang’o pledged Ksh1 million for Omosh to start over his life.

This comes after a vagrant Omosh went public with his sad story of suffering since Tahidi High was pulled off the screens more than a year ago.

In his confession, he said that life had become unbearable for him. He has 10 months’ rent arrears amounting to Ksh150,000.

Omosh said that the situation got worse since the COVID-19 pandemic struck in March 2020.

He dresses up as if he is reporting for a job every morning but ends up taking idle strolls while crying silently.

Now, he said, it got to a point where he had to share his plight with Kenyans seeking help of any kind.

Omosh whose rise to stardom came after joining Tahidi High for more than a decade said that he is ready to do any type of a job to feed his children and sustain himself.

Touched, Jalang’o via his social media pages said that it is troubling to hear of the pain a creative like Omosh has gone through.

“This hurts me so much…I will host Omosh on Tuesday and I promise to raise him Ksh1 million to restart his life again,” he remarked.

Celebrities and other leaders joined in on pledging support for Omosh to start over his life.

“I have been touched after watching a video of Tahidi High’s Omosh breaking into tears as he pleads for help. He was my favourite actor in Tahidi High thanks to his acting skills. Like many other Kenyans I am going to stand with him financially so that he can bounce back to life,” Alinur, Mohamed, a city politician offered.

Omosh becomes the latest celebrity to drop the veil and speak publicly of the struggle they endure in life.

Last year, former Tusker Project Fame contestant Alvan Gatitu pleaded with Kenyans to help him out after being thrown out by the landlord over four months’ rent arrears.

At his lowest point in life, Alvan had to seek shelter at a guard’s changing room.

However, Kenyans managed to raise more than two million shillings for him to start over.

He recently landed a radio job after unsuccessfully trying for four years.