Jemutai Comedian: How I met Professor Hamo and sired his two kids

Prof Hamo
Jemutai Comedian wit Professor Hamo. [Photo: Courtesy]

Behind the scenes of the drama that is Jemutai Comedian and Professor Hamo, it all started at Carnivore in Nairobi where the Churchill show took place.

In leaked audio of Jemutai speaking to Edgar Obare about their relationship, Jemutai narrates every step that they took with Hamo who she regards as “a dead beat”.

The relationship started in 2015. After their Churchill shows, they would walk together home and make a stop at Taj Mall to write more lines before heading to Pipeline where they were neighbours.

Jemutai confesses that it was in 2015 when love between them brewed and before long, she bore him a son, Jeremy in 2016.

At this time, Jemutai was already aware that Hamo had another wife living in Nakuru and they had two kids together at the time.

Life wasn’t easy for her, she narrated. She lived in a single room in Pipeline and had nothing at all; she would sleep on the floor while pregnant.

“I got pregnant with Jeremy in 2016. By then, hatukua tumeanza kuomoka vile but he was doing good and I was doing good. So I got pregnant and Hamoi akaniambia sasa Jemutai because you are pregnant, me I want to protect my fame and utajipanga.

“So I went to my mum’s place nickachukua vitu zangu and went and rented somewhere in Pipeline kanyumba kadogo ka single room ndio niweze kulipa and buy food. There was time Hamo came there – I slept on the floor didn’t gave a gas cooker so my neighbour would cook and bring me food. I was heavily pregnant,” she recounts.

In November 2016, she delivered her firstborn with Hamo. She underwent a caesarean section and did not have money to pay. When she contacted Hamo to help out with the bill, he did nothing.

“I tried to call Hamo to help, the guy didn’t even respond; he didn’t even bother.”

She asked her mother to get a loan from a friend to clear the hospital bill. She revealed that at the time, Hamo had gotten a Ksh10 million endorsement deal.

Even before she healed, she hit the road back to Churchill Show when Jeremy was just two months old. This gave her some money to support the baby and the mother who was now looking after the boy while she worked.

Hamo according to Jemutai would contact her months later and apologized to her and promised to take care of the baby. In 2017, Hamo’s first wife who lives in Nakuru was pregnant with her third child.

Jemutai says she continued working and landed endorsements by Safaricom and had some good money. Hamo would seek her assistance to fly South Africa and pay the hospital bill of his first wife who was delivering their third child.

Jemutai paints a picture of a second wife who was supportive of Hamo and his first family all through. She says she is on good terms with Hamo’s first wife and they talk often.

After getting back together, Hamo landed a job with Hot 96 where he co-hosts a breakfast show with Jeff Koinange. Jemutai thought this new job would change their lives but she says she “can’t explain what Hamo dies with his money” because he never supported her.

Soon after her second pregnancy in 2019 – a baby girl – she decided to vacate to another house and she told Hamo about it but he wasn’t interested at all. Jemutai landed a new gig with Safaricom in August and she shifted to a house “befitting their status”.

She used this money to settle her mother and buy her child baby stuff. In January 2020, she decided to start working again and Hamo sought his help in paying for his kids’ school fees in Nakuru.

Then Covid-19 happened and Jemutai was forced to sell clothes online which set her at loggerheads with Hamo. This is when he said that he is the father of Jemutai’s second born.

He walked out on them and even blocked her. She has since been suffering.

“My biggest problem with Hamo is that he never treated all his kids equal.”

Responding to all these claims, Hamo via his social media handles said “no comment”.