Journalist who cried while interviewing Uhuru missed his call while in noisy matatu

Dennis Mudi
Dennis Mudi. [Photo: TMZ Talks]

Dennis Mudi, a young creative from Kakamega County caused a stir in September after sobbing while interviewing President Uhuru Kenyatta in Mombasa.

Mudi, 24, could not believe that he got an opportune moment to talk to the Head of State when he least expected it.

He was overwhelmed by emotions and what he knew next is that tears were flowing freely down his cheeks, much to the shock and surprise of Kenyans.

President Uhuru was on a low-key tour in Mombasa where he was inspecting development projects.

It is while at the Mama Ngina Waterfront Park that he broke his security protocol to share a word with small scale business people at the park that he met Mudi.

Mudi, based in Kakamega was part of the crowd at the park where he was shooting his “Hustle Mtaani” segment for his online TV; MK TV Channel.

Mudi together with the President had a brief chat as he sought to know what he was doing at the park. He was impressed with his initiative and promised to support him grow his channel.

Surprisingly, he took Mudi’s phone number.

Weeks later, Uhuru tried to call Mudi but he was in a noisy matatu and only saw the missed call later.

“He called me recently while I was travelling and I missed his call. I called back but I couldn’t get through. I believe he was busy…I was in a very noisy matatu. I didn’t have the number on my phone, but Truecaller indicated it was him,” he told the Nairobian.

From the viral video of him sobbing he says he almost sank into depression due to trolling but he has since developed a thick skin for such eventualities.

Mudi still hopes that he will meet the President and have his support in purchasing better equipment for his work since he uses his smartphone to shoot for his channel.