Jowie turns to gospel music, releasing first single Wednesday

Joseph Irungu alias Jowie. [Photos courtesy]

Joseph Irungu alias Jowie has stunned Kenyans with his new line of career, a few months after leaving prison where he had been remanded for over a year due to an alleged murder.

Jowie was accused of murdering Kilimani businesswoman Monicah Nyawira Kimani in September 2018.

He was charged alongside his then celebrity girlfriend, Jacque Maribe and remained in jail until he was granted bail in March this year.

Now, Jowie has ventured into the music industry and is set to release his first gospel single on Wednesday. He will launch it on his YouTube channel that has about 300 subscribers so far.

The new song is titled “Nishikilie”.

“Here is Jowie Irungu’s first song. Kindly, receive him with love and accord him real support,” he captioned a teaser of the video on Instagram.

From the teaser of the video, he is seen alone in an isolated room with no apparent way out which is perhaps, a reflection of the tribulations he has had to go through since he was thrown to jail in 2018.

High Court Judge James Wakiaga released Jowie on a Ksh2 million bail in February 2020. However, Jowie would continue languishing in jail as his family and friends held an online fundraiser to raise the amount.

Ever since he was released, he has kept a low profile and occasionally shares photos in the company of friends.

It is not yet known what became of their relationship with Maribe who has since launched her own YouTube channel.