July 20, 2018

Kabogo concedes defeat as Waititu wins Kiambu governorship by a landslide

Ferdinand Ndung’u Waititu is Kiambu’s next Jubilee Governor-elect after opening a huge leading gap against his political competitor William Kabogo.

Provisional results so far show Waititu has garnered 742 625  votes against Kabogo’s 199 723 votes.

Kabogo has since conceded defeat.

”We have done a lot in Kiambu and I hope the projects we started will continue; because if they don’t, then lots of public funds may just go down in becoming my elephants,” Kabogo told journalists at a press conference.

Kabogo said that he will offer his support to the newly elected administration in continuing to develop Kiambu, but he stated that for now, he will focus on his personal affairs and not those of Kiambu government as he’s no longer the governor.

Waititu had earlier expressed confidence in clinching the seat.

He had warned Kabogo that the people of Kiambu needed a change of leadership and that he was the change so much need in the county.

Watch Kabogo conceding here



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