Kalembe Ndile donates a two-acre piece of land to Julius Wambua after Kamiti ordeal

Julius Wambua
Julius Wambua embraces his children outside Kamiti Maximum Prison after nine years of incarceration. [Photo: People Daily]

Days after Julius Wambua Musyoka, talked of his vagrant nature after release from prison, Kenyans have come through for him.

Wambua spent close to a decade at the Kamiti Maximum Prison after his daughter, Dorcas Mwende who was then 16 years old fixed him of alleged defilement.

Mwende had been coached by her mother to issue a false testimony against her father which is what sent him behind bars since 2011.

However, she recanted the evidence sometime last year and a week ago, a Machakos court freed Wambua on Sh30,000 cash bail and declared the case to be heard afresh.

After his release, Wambua had a mixed feeling of joy and sadness as he had nowhere to return to. His piece of land where he had built his home had been sold already.

He was forced to live with his younger brother in Nairobi.

“I lost everything in the nine years I was in jail,” he told the Saturday Nation adding “I am now concerned about getting a place to call home.”

His plea touched Kenyans of goodwill among them, former Kibwezi MP Kalembe Ndile who donated a two acre-piece of land to Wambua.

Another Kenyan based in the UK, Tom Musau donated a brand new motorcycle to help Wambua with mobility as well as start his life afresh.

Ndile while speaking to the press on Monday said that he will build Wambua a house.

Wambua’s story was first aired in March 2019 by Citizen TV’s Lulu Hassan in her segment titled “Prison Diaries”.

Since then, he has been hopeful of his release especially after Mwende, the daughter who implicated him begged for his forgiveness while still at Kamiti.

He forgave her unconditionally and asked that his wife also apologize though he already forgave her.

Mwende told the court that she was forced by her mother to issue a false testimony on her father in what was understood to be a case of a wife settling scores with her husband over domestic issues.

Mwende filed submissions at the Machakos High Court where she recanted the evidence.

Justice George Odunga who heard the case freed Wambua and ordered a retrial.