Karen Nyamu deletes explicit video with Samidoh as public pressure persists

Karen Nyamu
Karen Nyamu. [Photo courtesy]

For the last two months, singer Samidoh’s life together with his illicit lover Karen Nyamu has become a theatre house.

She has been the subject of debate following her actions that lift the cover on her relationship with Samidoh but she never does it in good faith.

Nyamu has shared a series of intimate details surrounding her life with Samidoh who publicly confessed to having an “illicit affair” with the lawyer-cum-politician riding on youth empowerment in Nairobi.

On Monday, she shared a nasty video of her with Samidoh and this was the proverbial last straw that broke the camel’s back.

The undated video drew backlash questioning her intelligence many arguing that her actions were driven by malice and she was acting like a jilted lover.

She was forced to pull it down but later made a post on her Instastories saying that there would be no disagreements if spouses listened to each other.

” If both spouses will listen to each other and treat each other with Kindness and respect, then nearly every disagreement will get resolved long before it becomes a fight,” she wrote. 

This was interpreted to mean that her savage posts on Samidoh could be a result of love gone sour, a common behaviour with jilted lovers.

The explicit video caught the attention of thousands who condemned her actions calling her to order.

One of them was philanthropist Ndungu Nyoro told her: “Mama SM Jnr, you are blessed and highly favored. You have no idea how many of us are wishing for just one of the above. Just one. Thank God you have them all.

“I wish you could utilize them to discover your purpose in this world. There must be a reason as to why you were gifted with them all. Please take time to discover.”

Nyoro added: “Madam Karen, you have in the past made choices like each one of us. Some have been good while others have evoked pain and bitter memories. Yet some have left you with daily reminders.

“You are blessed with two beautiful babies. Whether it was as a result of good or bad decisions they still are a gift from God. Be happy you have them. Like I mentioned earlier, some of us are praying to have even if just one.

The very gift you have may desire to be happy like you are, now and in future. I hope your everyday choices, decisions and actions will be geared towards maintaining their joy, respect and honour. Do it for you but most importantly for them.

I know God is gracious and he grants wisdom. Seek him and you will get more than is sufficient.

Forget your pasts. Forget your hurting. Seek peace and let go of your pains. While you do so, God will open other opportunities and hopefully new relationships. Don’t hurt your very own flesh and blood in the name of seeking revenge.

Finally, protect your brand. Like I said, you have a future and a bright one for that matter. You have favour with men and God. Guard it jealousy. And take time before making decisions. Some can be exciting now but painful tomorrow. Think dear friend. Think.”