Karen Nyamu kept Samidoh waiting for her until 4 am while hiding in car park

Samidoh and his sassy baby mama Karen Nyamu. [Photo: Courtesy]

It has emerged that besieged mugiithi singer Samuel Muchoki alias Samidoh was irked by his baby mama Karen Nyamu’s move to share a video of him with their son online.

Last week, Nyamu, a city lawyer and politician captioned the video “A dad doesn’t tell you that he loves you, he shows you #muchokis.”

A source close to the musician told Nairobi News that Samidoh was never aware that she was taking a video of him with their son.

He saw it online and was shocked because they had agreed to keep their affair far from the public eye.

After getting wind of the video, Samidoh contacted Nyamu and asked her to pull down the video but she was adamant.

This forced him to seek audience with his baby mama and agreed to meet at her house.

 “He called Nyamu and requested to meet and talk to which she agreed to and Samidoh proceeded to her place,” the source said.

However, the sassy lawyer would stand up Samidoh who waited for her all night.

Samidoh went to her house and found her son and Nyamu other kid with the house help. He was told that she would be home soon from shopping but never showed up.

It got to a point where she stopped picking Samidoh’s calls and would only communicate with the house help as Samidoh hang around waiting for her until 4 am.

“All this time she was communicating to the house help who was updating her on the whereabouts of the singer,” added the source.

“She stayed at the parking lot until 4.00 am and only went to the house when she was sure he had left.”

Since then, she has steered clear of Samidoh’s paths but has been active online talking of their affair.

On Tuesday, Samidoh apologized to his wife and fans saying that he has failed to hour his commitment of serving as a role model for many in the society.

He also asked his fans to stop trolling his wife Edday Nderitu.

“I am sorry!!! I have put my family and myself in a bad situation. It is true I had a friendship with Ms. Karen Nyamu and it’s this involvement that led to the birth of an innocent child whom I have and will always support both emotionally and materially. I am a proud father to my children.

“I am however perturbed by the motive and timing of these past videos which have led unnecessary trolling of the child and my wife, I have never left my wife of 11 years for another woman. I apologized to her and my family before,” he wrote.

Samidoh is reportedly said to have informed his family about his other son with Nyamu but exclusively said he wanted the matter off social media.