KCPE 2020 top student unable to raise Ksh120,000 to join Kenya High School

Faith Mumo
Faith Mumo. [Photo: Courtesy]

Although she worked hard and topped the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education exams with 433 marks, Faith Mumo is unsure of joining Kenya High School on August 2.

Her parents opened up on the hard times they are going through. They cannot raise her school fees to join Kenya High School.

They told the Star that most of the corporate well-wishers are yet to honor their pledge.

Only Bishop Margaret Wanjiru sent them a Ksh26,000 check as promised.

“There are several people and cooperate organizations alongside private organizations and leaders who promised to support us but have since gone silent,” the girl’s father Paul Mumo stated.

His wife is a tailor in Malaa, Machakos. Her income is not enough to see her daughter to the prestigious Kenya High School.

The family of six depends on the wife’s income after losing his accounting job last year due to the pandemic.

He now farms vegetables to complement his wife’s income, but the money is still not enough.

“I am an accountant by profession but so far, I am jobless. I farm vegetables and pepper which we sell to cater for family needs. My wife is a tailor,” Mumo said.

He says Matungulu MP Stephen Mule pledged to help fund Faith’s education, but this is as far as the promise has gone.

Faith needs Ksh120,000 to join Kenya High School in August. The father says he will visit the school and talk about his case, hoping that her daughter will accept the little they have raised.

“We will take her to school with the money we shall have raised and plead with the school principal to allow our daughter in as we look for more school fees.”

Paul also asked well-wishers to give him any job saying he is not choosy and will do it to feed his family.

Faith has the hope of pursuing medicine and majoring in neurosurgery.