Kenya diaspora community hit hard by untimely deaths as the new year sets in

By Thuothuo Anthony

There comes a time when as a diaspora reporter I feel compelled to make a request on behalf of the community i represent.
Yes, it’s a prayer request.
Kenya diaspora community has been hit hard by multiple untimely deaths in the past four days. Let us come together as a community and pray for families of those left behind as well as God’s protection from premature deaths in our populace.
In Atlanta, a woman from Alpharetta, Georgia Susan Gacheri  Eldad passed away moments after giving birth to twins on December 30th. So sad that she never held the sweet angels she begot as she went in a coma after delivery. Elsewhere in Lowell, Massachusetts, a 31 year old man Eustace Mubia died in a tragic road accident on the same day.
A day later in Woburn Massachusetts, 26 year old Antony Njoroge passed away in his sleep moments after crossing over to the new year.
In the same state of Massachusetts, a renown community leader who lived in Worcester, Joseph Kenja Kagotho passed away on Jan 2nd at his home in Nakuru shortly after relocating from Boston.
A Kenyan woman living in College Station, Texas Faith Mugwe Kairu died on January 2nd in Amsterdam on her way back from Kenya after a family holiday.
Let us show support to those affected. Please call them and give a message of hope and strength. Pray for them, support them in all means possible and pray for our community.
The LORD brings death and makes alive; He brings down to the grave and raises up!” 1 Samuel 2:6. O LORD You did say in Your Word, “With long life will satisfy him and show him my salvation”. Psalm 91:16. We pray that You satisfy us and our families with long life and show us Your salvation in Jesus Christ Name, Take away from among us, the spirit of untimely death. We resist and eject anything or situation that could cause more untimely deaths in our community in Jesus Most powerful Name – Amen!
God Bless you.
Thuothuo Anthony 

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