Kenya Railways announces plan to start commuter services to Western Kenya

SGR. [Photo courtesy]

Kenya Railways Corporation (KRC) has announced its plan to extend its train services to Western Kenya and the lake region.

The corporation said that it is committed to launching services that continue to change lives.

“In 2020 we stuck to our lane and launched services that change lives. Thank you. Kenya for the support! Lakeside and Western Kenya get ready! 2021 is here!” Kenya Railways tweeted.

Over the past few months, Kenya Railways has made a tremendous effort in reviving railways transport.

It started with the launch of the Nairobi Commuter Train plying five routes outside the city daily to ease transport headache for commuters who only had road transport as the only means of transport.

In December, Kenya Railways launched the express rail commuter service from the central business district of Nairobi to Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA).

Diesel Multiple Units (DMU) were deployed in this route.

When the service was launched, the fare was capped at Ksh500 which triggered great hue and cry from the public.

A week later, Kenya Railways bowed to pressure and reduced the transport cost to Ksh250 for 90 days.

It will cost the same amount for passengers travelling from JKIA to the CBD riding in the DMU.

DMUs deployed in this route go up to the Embakasi Village Station where standby BRT buses await to shuttle the passengers to the airport.

The DMUs under the express rail commuter service operate during morning hours – 5.45 am – and arrive at the Embakasi Village station at 6.10 am. They will then board a bus which will depart at 6.20 am and arrive at the airport at 6.35 am.

There are also the mid-morning trains that leave the city centre at 11 am and arrive at Embakasi Village station at 11:25 am.

Another evening train leaves the CBD at 8 pm and arrives at Embakasi Village at 8:25 pm. From there, the BRT bus leaves the terminus at 8:35 pm and get to JKIA at 9 pm.

However, there are only two trains daily from Embakasi to the CBD. The first one leaves at 6:15 am and get to the city centre at around 6:50 am.

The second train headed for the CBD from Embakasi leaves around mid-day.