December 13, 2018

Kenyan couple in US blessed with identical triplets

Kenyan couple in the US Nicole and Caleb Choge have named their new-born baby boys as Abishai, Elkanah and Ron. [courtesy]

A Kenyan couple in the US is the latest talk in the country and beyond after successful delivery of what doctors have termed as ‘one-in-a-million’ identical triplets.

The couple; Nicole and Caleb Choge have named their new-born baby boys as Abishai, Elkanah and Ron.

Local reports have it that the identical triplets were born just a few minutes apart from each other. Further, that on Sunday, they were “doing wonderfully” at the neonatal intensive Care Unit at Children’s Mercy Hospital.

Dr. Josh Petriki, NICU’s director and on staff at the hospital revealed that the triplets were born at 34 weeks-about a month and half premature.

“These babies don’t seem to know they’re doing quite well. All in all, they’re doing wonderfully,” said Dr. Petrikin according to Nairobi News.

Dr. Petrikin together with Dr. Emmanuel Vlastos, the medical director of fetal therapy at Children’s Mercy Hospital helped in the delivery of the triplets.

Until recently, the couple has been living in Kenya together with their 2-year old son. Caleb has been working as a pilot back in Kenya.

Nicole and her husband met while he, Caleb, was training to be a pilot at Embry Riddle Aeronautical University in Florida.

Just before the birth of the triplets, the couple moved to Kansas City where Nicole’s family lives.

Caleb in an interview with ABC said they were surprised after a sonogram they did last year in September showed that they were about to have triplets.

He moved back to the US just to be sure about this.

“We had a scan in Kenya and they found twins the first time. We went a second time to be sure and found triplets,” said Caleb adding, “We came to the States to get a third opinion to be sure.”

Describing the feeling in learning he would be a father to triplets, he said: “It was very shocking, very surprising. Both exciting and scary.”

The doctors are upbeat that the couple will take home at least two of the triplets in days to come.



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