Kenyan Embassy in India reaches out to its citizens as Covid-19 cases increase alarmingly

Kenya's Ambassador to India Willy Bett. [Photo Trendsmap]

The Kenyan Embassy in India has moved with speed and asked Kenyans in India to furnish the mission with their details amid a new Covid-19 surge.

Kenya’s High Commissioner in India, Willy Bett in a statement asked Kenyans to furnish it with details so that it can update its register

The Kenyans in India are now required to provide their names as they appear in the passport, their passport numbers, their contacts, their physical address and location in India and their purpose of visit for accountability and decision-making processes.

“Kenyans currently in India are requested to send their names as they appear in the passport, their passport number, telephone and email addresses, their location and purpose of visit to,” reads a part of the statement.

Bett urged the Kenyan community in India to form a WhatsApp group as a convenient channel of communication.

There are an estimated 900 Kenyans living India, most of them in New Delhi. Other have travelled to India for medical treatment.

This is as the Indian government works speedily in ensuring that the rate of new infections goes down.

On Saturday, India reported 346,786 new infections. Hospitals in India are already overwhelmed and running low on oxygen supply which is critical in the management of Covid-19 patients.

New Delhi where the Kenyan mission is situated is the most affected. Military planes and trains are transporting oxygen to the city’s health systems which have for a long time been regarded as under-developed.