Kenyan female student who lied of racial attacks in India to be deported

Ms. Burendi

Police in India have started deportation process of the Kenyan woman who lied to the authorities that she was a victim of racial attacks. The woman, Ms. Maria Burendi, 24, has been a student at Mahatma Gandhi University in South Extension.

Police said that Burendi’s visa was expired hence the decision to deport her back to Kenya. She had recently transferred from Mahatma Gandi University to Greater Noida hoping to join the Noida International University.

Ms. Burendi had made false allegations on March 27 claiming that she was attacked after she was pulled out of a cab in the town of Greater Noida. At the time, tension was high in that region following racial attacks in that area. Police questioned the cab driver and examined his GPS before concluding that the woman had lied. The Kenyan High commission also got involved and helped in the resolving the case, saying they were convinced with police findings.