Kenyan Immigration: Where to get legit e-Visa services for $51

e-VISA application form. [Photo: Courtesy]

It costs $51 as the application fee for a Single Entry Visa to Kenya.

In the recent past, some con artists have preyed on unsuspecting Kenyans coming to Kenya.

They have been charged highs of $150 as the application fee for the supposed ‘Single Entry Visa’.

If you are planning on coming to Kenya, do not fall prey to immigration fraudsters.

The government through the Directorate of Immigration Services has highlighted the right channels for the application of Single Entry Visa issued on tourism, business or medical ground.

To get e-Visa services, the official portal is The Directorate of Immigration has distanced itself from a rogue website conning innocent travellers by the domain

“The official Government of Kenya website for e-Visa Services is The applicable fees for processing Single Entry Visa to enter Kenya for Business, Tourism, Medical or other reasons is $51.00.

“@ImmigrationDept is not associated with reported to charge Tourists $150.00 for Single Entry Visa. To apply for e-Visa, sign up for accounts at, Fill in the application form and pay, and download your e-Visa once approved,” statement by the department states.

Further, those in need of immigration services such as Permits and Passes, Extension of Visitor’s Passes, Re-entry Pass, Registration of Foreign Nationals (Alien Card), Permanent Residence and Application for Endorsements (Citizenship); they should create eFNS Portal accounts using the eFNS option.

Those who created their eFNS accounts using the eCitizen option have in the past faced difficulties when uploading documents.