Kenyan in Qatar shines in workplace sporting event

Kenyans in the diaspora aren’t only leaving their mark in the business world & workplaces, but are also dominating in sports.
One such patriot is Gitura Kihuria who managed to win in two categories he’d participated in a sports gala that had been organized by his employer in Qatar on 13.02.2018 to commemorate Qatar’s National Sports Day.
Gitura managed to clinch the third position in the 800m race category among a pool of other nationalities from India, Bangladesh & the Philippines.
He also came second in the chess competition.
The African community is the smallest by far in his company, but still, he managed to clinch two prizes from different categories; a first in the company.
For his trouble, he won a trophy and gift voucher in the chess category and another voucher for the 800m race.