Kenyan Man at a New Jersey medical facility reunited with family after social media appeal

By Thuothuo Anthony- Boston, MA

The family of Benard Mumo who has been at a medical facility in New Jersey for over two years with no visit has been located. Diaspora media reporters as well as well-wishers widely shared the story of Benard who is said to have lost his memory after a car accident that got him confined to a wheelchair. 

RECAP: Little Known Kenyan Man admitted at a NJ Facility for over two years

Mr. Mumo’s relative was able to visit him at the facility, and his family in Kenyan was also notified. They posed for a picture together, accompanied by a friend. 

Social media played a major role in reuniting the family. Mr. Taiko, from Ngong, Kenya, came across the post and was able to locate Mr. Mumo’s family.

I have located the family. I’ll disclose the news to his wife. He abandoned them for close to 50 years. Let’s see how they shall take the news” Ole Taiko said on the Facebook thread that was aiding in locating the family. 

I have talked to the wife who resides in Kajiado. She informed me that they have gotten communication on the same from Mr. Mumo’s kins at shags and are making arrangements to bring him to Kenya” Said Ole Taiko who together with Jack Kilonzo coordinated the whole reunion. 


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