Kenyan man in Dallas involved in car crash that killed a couple

By Jamhuri News Reporter

A Kenyan man in Texas was Sunday morning involved in a tragic car crash that killed a couple heading to the airport to catch a flight to France.

Police say the suspect, Mr. Mwangi ran a red light heading northbound on Dallas Parkway, the service road right off the tollway near Frankford Road.

According to police, Mwangi hit Solano and Hamilton’s car, causing it to strike a pole, killing the couple instantly.

Solano and Hamilton

The couple had only driven about a mile when the crash happened. They were going to pick up a relative who would see them off, but when they took longer than expected, the relative decided to go check on them and came across the crash.

Mwangi is currently being held on a $500,000 bail, facing charges of intoxication and manslaughter according to Dallas Morning News.

An uncle to the deceased says he wants people to think before they drink and drive, and so he curved the couple’s names on a tree where the crash happened as a reminder.