Kenyan ‘Muratina’ now available in UK supermarkets as ‘Murateria Wine’

Murateria Wine. [Photo: Manoah Esipisu]

Kenyan born King’ori Wamabaki now based in the UK has a reason to smile as his ‘Muratina’ which he trades under Murateria Wine brand is stocked in UK supermarkets.

On Sunday, Kenyan High Commissioner to the UK Amb Manoah Esipisu broke the news.

‘Muratina’ is a traditional brew popular in Central Kenya.

“#FromKenyaToTheWorld Now available on UK supermarket shelves is the central Kenya traditional alcoholic drink ‘Muratina’, bottled in the UK by Othaya-born businessman King’ori Wambaki, now of Cheshunt, north of London, who is targeting expansion of Kenyan products in Flag of United Kingdom market,” he tweeted.

Domiciled in Chesnutt, UK, he has established a powerful brand while also promoting the Kenyan culture.

From his website – – he describes the traditional brew as one that is inspired by recipes from Kenya.

“What makes Muratelia and other brands to come unique is they are inspired from traditional Kenyan recipes, and we incorporate market insights to develop premium beverages to delight your customers and offer cocktails to create memorable experiences at your venues,” a statement from the website reads.

From its packaging, it looks so much of exotic wine and not anything close to the traditional brew which is widely considered illegal in Kenya though it is widely brewed whenever there are Kikuyu traditional ceremonies.

‘Muratina’ was a drink of choice for the elders back in the day and still is. During dowry negotiations, it is one of the items that in-laws ask for.

It is made from a type of fruit known as ‘muratina’ which is then mixed with honey and water and stored in an airtight jerrycan and left to ferment for days. Usually, it is stored at a place with high temperatures for quick fermentation.

From his LinkedIn page, Wamabaki is a Master’s degree in Economics. He has worked for top UK firms as a data and financial analyst. He left employment in August 2019 to concentrate on his new venture and has done incredibly since then.

Sections of the media state that he has been in the US for 27 years though he was born in Othaya, Nyeri County.

Murateria has been endorsed as a quality drink and has earned him deals with major firms in the UK. It has been praised for its sparkling texture and smoothness. It is flavoured with exotic fruits to give it this feel.

A bottle of Muratelia wine goes for £10 (Ksh 1,496). It is only sold to persons of age 35 and above.