Kenyan native in Australia braced for Senate after High Court ordered vote recount

Kenyan native in Australia Mrs. Lucy Gichuhi, who narrowly missed becoming a senator in July 2016, is now braced  to get the position through a recount ordered by the high court.

The high court ruled that previous Family First senator Bob Day was illegally chosen because of an indirect financial interest.

The judge ordered a recount of South Australian’s ballots where Ms Gichuhi was second in Family First’s July election. Bob Day was number one and that gives Mrs. Gichuhi the winning advantage since Bob’s votes will not be valid.

After the recount is completed, a new senator will be sworn in on 9 May 2017.

Mrs. Gichuhi migrated to Australia in 1999 from Kenya with her husband, William and three children.

Concerns have been arising over Mrs Gichuhi’s eligibility due to her country of birth, but the Family First party leader Dennis Hood today confirmed there was no issue since she is an Australian citizen.

‘’waiting for the recount results is making me nervous, but I am absolutely ready to take over as the Family First senator” she said

Mrs. Gichuhi is an accountant and is currently volunteering at Women’s Legal Service, and believes those skills acquired will help her in parliamentary duties.

“I think me and Bob are very different people and bring very different things to the seat and I think that would really bring that new dimension.

“As soon as the decision is confirmed, we all get together in a meeting and we start the work that Bob was doing and continue from there.” She said