Kenyan native in Steilacoom, Washington sails through in highly contested Town Council primaries

 By Thuothuo Anthony| Boston, MA

With politics being a game of numbers and resilience, only the brave and brainy find themselves on the victor’s side.

With his humble background and hospitable intellect, Paul Kirehu Thumbi is attracting more attention in Washington State than many had anticipated.

Mr. Thumbi, from the town of Steilacoom, Washington, has qualified for the member of the Town Council- position 3 General election set for November 7th, after finishing second in the highly contested primaries.

The 37-year-old Steilacoom resident was born in Kenya, before relocating to Federal Way, WA in the US- in 2012. Thumbi later moved to the small town of Steilacoom, in Pierce County, WA.

Thumbi has served in the United States Army; and in Federal Way City Government, he was appointed by the city council to serve on two City commissions of Arts and Parks and Recreation commissions in early 2014.

He is also an active member of Kiwanis Club of Steilacoom, and Steilacoom Historical Museum Association.

Thumbi finished second, having garnered 488 votes behind Roger A. Neal who received 588 votes. The third candidate, Joe Aboubakr, who will not be proceeding to the general elections received 369 votes in the tightly contested race.

The two finalists in the primaries: Paul (PK) Thumbi to the left and Roger Neal to the right. Photo: Courtesy

Thumbi passionately narrates how he knocked on doors mobilizing voters in the town of Steilacoom; adding that he’s stopping at nothing until he wins the general election in November.

”I am confident I will win in November; the primaries only motivated me to knock on more doors asking for more votes from the hard-working Steilacoom residents, ” Thumbi told Jamhuri News.

Although the total number of votes reported do not include the write-ins, he said there are slightly more than 30 ballots left to count.

”With slightly more than 30 ballots left to count, we’re still running 2nd and assured a place in the general election.” he told Jamhuri News on Monday evening.

Thumbi’s desire to serve is driven by the belief that America remains the most powerful and exceptional nation ever devised in human history; and that it is the only nation on earth that any person, irrespective of their origin or humble beginnings can rise and achieve the highest echelons of their dreams.

P.K, as many call him, seeks to provide new, youthful and innovative leadership; that seeks to involve residents more in their Town government and much more; upon his election to the council.

Thumbi thanked his supporters and assured them of a clean contest with his opponent in November.

”Thanks to God; my family; many supporters; and most importantly to the great Steilacoom community residents for this opportunity. Looking forward to a clean contest with my friend and competitor in the coming days. On to the general election!” charged Thumbi.

A screen grab of the results