Kenyan Native running for member of the Town Council in Steilacoom, Washington

A young Kenyan native man from the town of Steilacoom, Washington, has announced that he will run for member of the Town Council- position 3 in this year’s election.

Mr. Paul Kirehu Thumbi’s dream of representing the town came a couple of years ago when he braved the race, despite being a new immigrant from Kenya in 2015 when he ran for the same post. PK, as popularly known in Steilacoom, is running again in 2017 and this time he is confident of a win than ever.

According to team pk thumbi website, PK is a 37-year-old Steilacoom resident who intends to run a nonpartisan race. He was born in Kenya in a low income, small and Christian family. He grew up in a family community, attending local schools and mostly living in hardship.

However, PK grew up surrounded by much love of his family and community. Living through these critical institutions taught him so much and most importantly, to believe and always live through the values of faith, family, freedom, and hard work.

After high school, PK attended college classes while working on public policy work; working with the country’s human rights and good governance initiatives. Specifically, he worked with the National Convention Executive Council (NCEC). This was Kenya’s premier organization, working towards public mobilization and education on constitution reform issues.


PK immigrated to the United States in June 2012 and settled in Federal Way, WA. With a continued passion for public policy discussion and public service, he immediately got involved in Federal Way’s community affairs. With his love and willingness to serve his great adopted country America, PK joined the United States Army in Sept 2012 but was shortly honorably discharged from service.

PK has worked within the healthcare industry for some time and currently works at Western State Hospital as a Mental Health Technician.

In Federal Way City Government, PK was appointed by the city council to serve on two City commissions of Arts and Parks and Recreation commissions in early 2014. He also ran for City Council in 2015. 

PK later moved to The Town of Steilacoom and carried on with his community involvement and service. He’s currently an active member of Kiwanis Club of Steilacoom; Steilacoom Historical Museum Association and also worships at the Steilacoom Community Church. 

PK’s desire to serve is driven by the belief that America remains the most powerful and exceptional nation ever devised in human history; and that it is the only nation on earth that any person, irrespective of their origin or humble beginnings can rise and achieve the highest echelons of their dreams. 

PK seeks to provide new, youthful and innovative leadership; that seeks to involve residents more in their Town government and much more, upon his election to the council. He looks forward to outlining his proposals and talking to residents in this campaign, as he humbly requests for residents’ support and vote, this coming November.