Kenyan police arrested me in all my five visits – Ghanaian YouTuber Wode Maya

Wode Maya
Wode Maya. [Photo: Courtesy]

Ghanaian YouTuber Wode Maya is no stranger to Kenya but he does not have kind things to say about the police who he accuses of harassing him in his visits to Kenya.

He has been in Kenya five times shooting his projects but he has been a victim of “profiling” by the authorities since he is from West Africa.

In several instances, police have intercepted Nigerian national in Kenya and at the airport with contraband which may have informed the fear.

However, Wode Maya says that not all those who visit Kenya from West Africa are money launderers or drug peddlers.

“I have been to Kenya five times and there is no single day that I never had trouble entering Kenya.

“I love Kenya with all my heart but I just wanna say something; please stop (police) profiling us,” he said a while back when he appeared on Bonga na Jalas.

In his fifth and last visit, he says everything went well with immigration officials at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) until a plain-clothed policeman confronted him threatening to throw him out of the airport.

He recalls being locked up in an interrogation room together with his cameraman who is also Ghanaian until his Kenyan girlfriends Miss Trudy arrived.

Miss Trudy is a Kenyan YouTuber.

Wode Maya recounts that the police asked her when she arrived what tribe she hails from and she told them she is half Luo and half Kikuyu. 

“When she told them who she is, they told her we are not gonna check your bag,” he said.

Wode Maya recalled his first visit to Kenya. He says he was handcuffed on allegations that he is a terrorist.