Kenyan politician hospitalized in France over COVID-19 pleads with countrymen to be cautious

Stanley Kinuthia alias Wamother from Githunguri. [Photo. Stanley Kinthua/Facebook]

Kenyans have been urged to take matters COVID-19 seriously by a fellow Kenyan hospitalized in France over the disease.

Stephen Kinuthia alias Duke of Githunguri or Wamother while in his hospital bed recorded a video telling Kenyans that coronavirus is indiscriminate and lethal, therefore, the need to take all necessary precautions is paramount.

He explained that his lungs suffered as a result of COVID-19 and his breathing has to be assisted by a machine pumping oxygen to the lungs.

Kinuthia who unsuccessfully vied for Githunguri parliamentary seat in 2017, however, says he cannot tell how he got infected with the disease.

“If they remove these oxygen tubes, my condition would deteriorate at once,” he says adding, “Protect yourself, people, and family.”

He discounted myths that the virus is not lethal to Africans as it is lethal with the whites saying it is taking away lives whether black or white.

“The virus infects everyone. They used to say that Africans are immune but that’s stupidity. It is killing Africans; the elderly, the rich, the poor and all the races,” he noted amid several pauses which he said was due to the oxygen being pumped into his lungs.

His clarion call to Kenyans was to follow laid down regulations by the government. Kinuthia said the measures which include staying at home, social distancing, the wearing of masks while in public spaces and observing hand hygiene all time will help.

The government is continuing to enforce the imposed dusk to dawn curfew to curb further spread of the disease.

As of Sunday evening, Kenya had 142 cases of COVID 19. Four patients have recovered while another four have lost their lives.