Kenyan woman based in Botswana shines in taekwondo coaching

Botswana-based Kenyan lady Gladys Njoroge. [Photo: Nation]

At 42, Gladys Njoroge who moved to Botswana 16 years ago is happy with her life in the taekwondo discipline.

She is Botswana’s Taekwondo Federation Technical Director. Glady told Nation in an interview that she is now a level 2 international coach.

The mother of one is married to a Tswana man, Lloyd Litswa.

In Botswana, Gladys who was born in Ndumberi, Kiambu County holds another title of Director of Tae Sports Taekwondo Academy.

While still a little girl, she found herself playing alongside her male cousins and village mates which triggered some sense of defence.

“I always fitted among the boys and therefore l had to develop a defense attitude because I liked challenging the boys. My firstborn sister joined the Taekwondo club at Senior Chief Koinange High School and during the holidays, she was always demonstrating what she learned. I fell in love with the sport and once I joined high school, I was in the hall waiting for the coach to begin my classes,” she narrated.

She would continue with this sport years in high school and even after completing her secondary education.

She signed with various clubs among them Bata Limuru Taekwondo Club, KCB Taekwondo Club and the Kariokor Taekwondo Community Club.

“When I left for Botswana I did not know that life was preparing me for a different call. I love being an athlete but everything got me by surprise when I settled in Botswana. After three months in Botswana, I luckily found a club training Taekwondo.”

She attribute her success in Botswana’s taekwondo to the later master Charles Kamau who challenged her to ensure that the sport in Botswana gains global recognition.

With hard work, determination and respect for others, Gladys has managed to bring Botswana’s taekwondo to an international level.

However, she admits that Botswana manages such sports better than Kenya due to its relatively low population and positive energy.