Kenyan woman in Boston subjected to racial slurs after singing national anthem during Red Sox game

By Thuothuo Anthony | Boston-MA

In a trend of events this week, Fenway Park has had racial slurs directed at people of color twice. It started with a Orioles center fielder Adam Jones being targeted with the ‘N’ word and also hurled at him a bag of peanuts by a Boston fan on Tuesday.

On Wednesday, a Kenyan woman (name withheld) had the honor to sing the national anthem at the opening of the game. In the crowd was, Calvin Hennick who had brought his interracial son with him and his father-in-law who is of color.

The woman finished singing the national anthem in what many looked at as a show of unity and hope after an unpleasant incident the night before. What followed was racial slurs from a middle-aged white man in a Red Sox hat and T-shirt. The man, standing behind Hennick’s family in the crowd, leaned over to them and used a racial slur to describe the woman’s rendition of the anthem.

Players stood while a Kenyan woman sang the national anthem at Fenway Park on Tuesday. Photo: Boston Globe staff

Hennick said the fan had criticized the woman who sang the anthem by saying, “It was too long, and she n******* it up.”

Hennick couldn’t believe what he heard and he looked at the fan and asked him if he really said that, repeating what he heard.

“Yes, that’s what I said, and I stand by it,” he told Hennick.

That’s not OK, Hennick said to the man. You can’t say that. he told the man.

“Why not?” the man replied.

That is when Calvin Hennick immediately notified security team and the man was ejected and banned for life from Fenway. The Redsox then called the woman later and apologized for the disturbing episode.

Boston Police also got involved in investigating the matter.