Kenyan woman in Germany to face charges for alleged role in the murder of her husband

By Pharis Kinyua: Jamhuri News

A Kenya woman based in Elbersdof, Germany is set to face murder charges for alleged role in the death of her husband.

According to a German publication, Bild, the woman only identified as Armina A is reported to have conspired with her lover to kill her husband, Ekkehart H.

Armina’s lover, Jan D is reported to have been allowed into the couple’s residence and hid in the basement.

Here, he laid his hands on a machete with a 40cm blade.

Moments later, the deceased arrived home and his wife is reported to have seduced him to have sex so as to divert his attention.

It is at this point that the assailant came out and slit Ekkehart’s throat, and accidentally slashing Armina’s Achille’s tendon and later took off.

Armina dashed outside crying for help from neighbors claiming that three masked men had attacked her family.

When police launched investigations, she implicated Jan D as the person who had been threatening her husband and led to his arrest.

But things turned around against her when Jan D confessed to police of the deal they had struck leading to her arrest as well.

The couple had two kids and by the time of the attack, they were asleep and did not see what happened.

She has since been nicknamed by her neighbors as the “black widow of Elbersdof”.

Her trial began on Wednesday. It will proceed for 11 days and 62 witnesses and 7 experts are lined up to testify.

The two met in Kenya and married in 2007. Armani is, however, reported to have cheated on her husband on several instances according to a Nation Media publication.