Kenyan woman in UK jailed for stealing over £50,000 from an 85-year old disabled woman

By Jamhuri News Reporter

African American in Prison

A Kenyan woman in the United Kingdom has been jailed for two years for stealing over £50,000 from an 85-year old disabled woman Kathleen Brindle, whom she had been employed to take care of.

According to Somersetlive of UK, Kisella Hillman was charged at Taunton Crown Court, where she denied stealing £4,000, another amount of  £15,500 and £32,000 more from Mrs. Brindle who suffered from Alzheimer’s.

According to court documents, the woman claimed to have sent the money to an orphanage in Kenya but could not provide evidence to prove it.

”…shortly after the money disappeared, you traveled to Kenya. You say the money went to an orphanage in Kenya, but have not been able to provide a scrap of evidence to support that. The sad fact is that you are a congenital liar…” said Judge Barnes

Kisella is said to have brainwashed the patient and managed to siphon her account of thousands of pounds.

During the proceedings, the prosecutor Nikki Coombe told the court that Kisella took advantage of the patient she was mandated to take care of.

The patient’s mental health had deteriorated prompting her family to hire Ms. Kisella as a caregiver. She was assigned the duties of making sure she was eating well, taking her out for social occasions and doing shopping for her. Instead, Kisella was doing the opposite, helping herself with Mrs. Brindle’s finances.


The court heard that members of staff at her bank, become concerned when Kisella brought Mrs. Brindle to the bank for a transaction. “Staff

“Staff were worried,” Mrs. Coombe said. “They said she seemed less confident, less aware of her financial situation and they were concerned she was being taken advantage of.” “They asked her why she was withdrawing the money and why she wanted to close the account.” “The defendant replied ‘It’s OK, Grandma. It’s written down at home.’”

Despite the bank staff suspecting foul play, the transaction was completed and Kisella left the bank carrying the money which was handed in £50 notes put into a rucksack.

Another staff employed by the Brindle family witnessed everything and raised a red flag.

When Kisella was arrested, she told authorities that the money had been gifted to her by Mrs. Brindle, and claimed she had spent some of it in a recording studio and had donated the rest to an orphanage, run by her mother, Sarah Hillman, in Kenya.

The 27-year-old was found guilty of all three charges on May 19 and was sentenced to two years in jail. She was acquitted of one theft of £2,000.