Kenyans come through for ex-NTV journalist Lolani Kalu after sharing his plight

Lolani Kalu
Lolani Kalu. [Photo: courtesy]

Days after former NTV Swahili journalist Lolani Kalu went public with his plight years after being sacked from NTV, well-wishers have come through for him in a big way.

It all started with a viral photo of a frail-looking Lolani who during is heydeys, was a force to reckon with in the media industry.

Lolani Kalu. [Photo: courtesy]

Lolani opened up that he moved back to his home village in Kilifi and that he used all his savings on his deceased father who had a strange illness that left him drained as he tried to get him the best medical care.

His father died aged 89. He opted to remain in the village to take care of his mother who is now 89.

He narrated that he got conned of Ksh1.5 million by a contractor who was to build him a retirement home in Kangundo, Machakos County.

In Kilifi where his life now is, he runs a community-based initiative where he has been nurturing young people in acting, scripting and music.

Although he said that he is not bitter with life given his celebrity status and the challenges he is going through, what touched Kenyans is his appeal for a video camera and a computer to continue helping talented youth in his home village.

“I only need two things. A good video camera and a computer. The creativity is still there and all I need is equipment to work and to help the young people here in my village,” he told the Standard.

From his plea, Kenyans of goodwill have since sent him over Ksh250,000 to purchase a camera, a computer and set up a media production company.

“Many Kenyans have been sending between Ksh 50 and Ksh 100 and I am simply overwhelmed. I lack words to express my gratitude to the well-wishers from far and wide, who have sent whatever they had to my cell phone line via mobile money,” he revealed.

“I will use this money to buy a camera and sound equipment. Ksh200,000 for the camera and Ksh50,000 for sound equipment.”

The 56-year-old father of three has been working in an office without a laptop which has made his work difficult.

He said that some of his clients never paid him for services he offered which crippled his business.

Now, he added, he will be a happy family man once his dream actualizes.

He has been travelling to Nairobi often to visit his wife and kids and then travels back to Kilifi to look after his mother.