Kenyans demand justice after death of girl raped, spine broken by date in Kahawa West

Velvine Nungari
Velvine Nungari Kinyanjui. [Photo: Obituary]

The family of Velvine Nungari Kinyanjui is seeking justice following a gruesome rape ordeal that saw her spine broken and eventual death two weeks later.

Nungari’s story broke on Thursday evening as Kenyans called for justice for the 24-year-old girl who was lured to death by a man who took her out on a date.

According to one of her friends, she left home for a date on February 23. She was to meet a man only identified as Murimi at a hotel-cum-restaurant in Kahawa West.

They had met at her job where she worked as a waitress and had served him severally and friendship developed.

At 7:57 pm, she called her friend with a different number and asked her to go to the hotel but she declined saying that it was already late. They agreed that Nungari would call her immediately she got home which she promised she would.

“Before she hanged up she said something weird “ukinikosa mpige hiyo number kama mara 150”. Unfortunately she never got home that day which was unlike her and her phone off,” a thread on Twitter from her friend stated.

On February 24, Nungari called her friend and asked her to get her at Sinott Hotel in Kahawa West and when she went there, she was petrified with what she saw.

“On Wednesday the 24th, she called me at around 1 pm and told me to go get her with another friend where she was (Sinott Hotel) Kiamumbi.

“When we got there, we consulted with the hotel staff and they told us she came with a guy who frequents the hotel at night. They also told us that they found her naked in bed lying upside down and its like she was injected with something.”

She was wheeled to Kenyatta University Referral Hospital (KUTRH) where doctors diagnosed her with a broken spine and severe cervical fractures.

Nungari was isolated from then and she died on March 9.

She was the only child in her family. She was buried at their Saba Saba home in Murang’a on Thursday.

Patrons at the hotel say that the man she was with on the fateful night frequents the lodgings with different girls.

Kenyans online are now asking the government to investigate the case and bring the culprits to justice.