Kenyans in diaspora to collect Huduma cards from respective Missions

Huduma Namba card
Huduma Namba card. [Photo: courtesy]

Kenyans in the diaspora can now collect their Huduma Namba cards from their respective Missions.

Kenyan Consulate in the Los Angeles, US shared the information on Thursday.

“The Ministry of Interior and Coordination of National Government has advised that Kenyans in Diaspora will collect their Huduma Cards in respective Missions of their registration,” the consulate said in a statement.

Kenyans who wish to change their cards collection point can also do so through the Huduma Namba Diaspora Portal.

The portal is currently under development. An announcement will be made once it is complete.

“Those wishing to collect their cards in another Mission can choose the convenient mission through the Huduma Namba Diaspora Portal.
Please note that the portal is currently being developed and will be informed once it is up and running,” the statement added.

In case of queries, Kenyans in the diaspora can get clarification through a toll-free number +245 0800 221111.

“Further, while in Kenya, one can choose a preferred collection point using the portal after which a link will be given through SMS, text or simply dial the toll free number for assistance.”

At least two million Huduma Namba cards have released. However, just 10 per cent of them were collected by the end of April.

The mass distribution of the cards started In February 2021.
Each Kenyan who registered is getting a notification via text of his collection centre.

A total of 37 million Kenyans had registered for Huduma Namba card that is expected to be used starting December 2021.